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Paul Walker R.I.P.

by Ron Doron

Speed kills. The tem usually applies to athletes, but it can have a dual meaning. Paul Walker was not an Oscar award winning actor. He was not a professional race car driver. But he was an actor who loved cars and brought that passion to the big screen.

Mel Gibson is another Hollywood actor who made moveis about fast cars (Mad Max), but somehow I feel that if he was the on in that Porsche Carerra GT that far fewer fans would be saddened by his loss. Sure he's older than Paul Walker, but he's also a raging asshole.

Fast cars are part of our DNA, espeically in America where NASCAR is an obsession and 300 horsepower engines are as commonplace as Kim Kardashian magazine covers.

The other day I drove 125mph and it wasn't on a track. The car I was driving is rated at 191mph. It was irresponsible, but I took precautions that I wasn't putting anyone else in danger. Think about it. I only took advantage of 65% of that vehicle's power, and I could've easily been arrested for wreckless driving.

In a speed limit, MPG world, we'd all be driving a Toyota Prius with a governor at 65mph. So why do we need a Corvette with over 600 horsepower?

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