Left Coast Torrey Pines IPA

Located in sleepy San Clemente, Left Coast Brewing kicked off its beer-making operation back in 2004. Since then, the brewery has been churning out a steady run of easy to drink brews that pack as much flavor as they do that standard California punch.

Left Coast has a partnership with San Diego staple Oggi’s Pizza, and the Torrey Pines IPA is one of the products of that relationship.

I poured my 22-ounce bomber into a large glass, and the deeply rich, gold color was capped with a soft foamy head. The hops are evident upon a casual sniff, but they don’t overwhelm right off the bat. They do come on a bit strong as the beer slides away, but it’s expected with any IPA, and a welcome finishing note.

This is one entry-level IPA that goes down rather easily. Don’t be fooled though, because Left Coast managed to push the alcohol by volume up to 6.9 percent.

It may be easily found in your local Oggi’s (should you live in Southern California), but if you spot it in your local brew shop, be sure to pick up a bottle. Torrey Pines IPA is a tasty gateway beer for those looking to step up to the world of hyper-hoppy California brews.

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