Is the health & fitness industry the biggest scam in America?

There’s a good chance that you are on a diet right now. You can’t escape it because it’s everywhere and it’s a $6 Billion a year industry in the U.S. From Ab Rollers to slimming shakes to cleanses and supplements, almost everyone is looking for the magic bullet.

P90X is one of the most successful infomercials ever, but what they don’t touch on is that 80% of the success of this fitness plan is predicated on eating the right foods and the right amount of foods. Working out daily, even strenuously and then eating like crap is the equivalent of getting into a fender bender every day and then having your car repaired. At best it’s a net sum zero proposition.

Even when people do make the right choices about what to eat, the volume of food still needs to be addressed.  My Dad is a retired pediatrician who saw the escalating number of childhood diabetes cases skyrocket over the years. His philosophy was simple – MODERATION. It’s OK to have a beer, just don’t have 10 of them. It’s OK to eat french fries, just don’t eat them every day and only eat half an order.

If you look at fitness facility attendance, it’s the same old 80/20 rule that has plagued society for centuries. 20% of the members are using the gyms 80% of the time, which means that most of the members only attend a few times a year. And most of those memberships were purchased as part of a New Year’s Resolution, mental masturbation initiative.

I’m glad the FDA stepped in a few years ago and required all of these fitness devices and plans to disclose that they only work with a proper diet. The challenge is simple – eat less and eat better. the solution is not simple because if you walk into any mall or airport, you can easily find burgers, pizza and other carbohydrate-rich foods that specialize in how much food they give you for the money. It’s not easy to find the right foods on the go, but they do exist.

So despite all of these new diets, fitness tools and supplements, America is still getting bigger and fatter. Instead of sewing people’s stomachs, they should sew their mouths shut and only allow small portions to enter.

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