Sennheiser AVX Wireless Microphone

I needed a second wireless microphone to add to my Sennheiser Wireless G3 and decides to step up and go all digital. I ended up with the Sennheiser AVX which can be summed as follows: much more compact, clearer sound, but less range and limited customization.

AVXPricing is between $900 – 1,200 depending on your configuration, which is much higher than my G3 set. Overall, I’m impressed but not ready to rely on this system 100%. Last week at the San Diego Auto Show I experienced my first glitch which was a digital interference. Luckily I had my G3 with me. That’s the first glitch and hopefully the last.

One more pro and con is that the batteries are rechargeable and last a long time, but if you run out of juice, you can’t just pop another battery in unless you buy a second set of rechargeable. The G3 used two AA batteries.

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