The NEW Apple TV made me cut the cable cord for good

I’ve been looking for a reason to dump my cable company. In this case it was AT&T U-Verse which has been unreliable and expensive at about $120 per month. I decided to give the new Apple TV a try since Apple offers a 15-day trial.

There are two options – a 32GB unit for $149 or a 64GB unit for $199. Both come with a slick new remote control that can be charged using the supplied lightening cable. A big change for this Apple TV is the use of SIRI so you can say “show me movies with Tom Cruise” and just like that, all of his movies appear.

There are dozens of apps to download and the interface is quite impressive. From sports to news to kids shows, it’s all there. I can definitely see the future of this technology and why cable is obsolete. I was even able to watch Sunday Night Football live at no cost.

Take the plunge and cut the cord. I figure I’ll be saving $2500 over the next two years.

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