Suaoki – 6-Port USB Smart Charger

During our daily lives as video producers, we are often faced with charging multiple devices using USB such as GoPro cameras, microphones, iPhones, iPads and more. Rather than lugging around multiple plugs, we discovered the Suaoki 6-Port USB Smart Charger.

IMG_9880The pros are that it works faster than plugging into your laptop, it can charge up to 6 devices at a time and it
lights up with a blue light so you can see the USB ports. The cons are that it’s not the most attractive appliance being somewhat large and black and it has a separate plug. This could have been improved by offering an option to plug the Suaoki directly into the wall to avoid having a cord dangling. It also could have benefited from going through Apple’s design school and making it more attractive.

Nevertheless, for a price point of $20, it very functional and works well in professional applications such as ours, but I’m just now sure many people will want to put this on their countertops at home. This does indeed solve a problem for those needing to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

We will have a short video in the next few days for this product.

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