Did you know the Carolina Panthers won Super Bowl 50?

In the NFL, typically the team with the most yards of offense wins, but not always. In the 2016 Super Bowl, the Carolina Panthers had 315 yards on offense to 194 for Denver, but Denver won 24-10. They scored 14 more points and earned a victory. Our election is based on electoral votes, not popular votes, and by that law Donald J. Trump won. So get over it.

The election of 2016 was epic, historic and has divided this country like I’ve never seen before. I openly admit I voted for Donald Trump in a state (California) where my vote didn’t affect the outcome, but I’ve received a lot of criticism for it on social media from “so-called” friends.

I’ve been called a racist, a misogynist, homophobe, anti-women’s rights, blah, blah, blah. If you know me, I’m none of those things. Of course nobody calls me that in person, just on FaceBook which has forced me to unfriend & block these arrogant, condescending liberals who are guilty of what they are supposedly fighting for…..intolerance.

I stopped responding to other people’s posts because they just want to see whose views are aligned with theirs. So I tried a different approach by posting this simple paragraph that someone else wrote. Within minutes the hate started pouring in. At one point it got vulgar and out of hand. But it was the response of arguably the most well-known automotive journalist in America that truly shocked me. I’ve known Dan Neil for about 10 years. See him a couple of times a year at an auto show or media event, but never thought he was this intolerant. Here was his response to my post.

“Was Hillary the perfect reform candidate? No. But anybody who allowed themselves to be conned that somehow Benedict Donald — a treasonous dog, an impulsive ignoramus, and complete 100% asshole –was the better candidate is just a fool. Those who voted for him can bear the social consequences. I want Trump voters to be ashamed, if they are still capable of the emotion. Lines have been drawn. Sides have been chosen. Ever since Gingrich the GOP has practiced unethical, race-baiting, zero-sum politics that scorned compromise. I used to be pragmatic, centrist, a believer in negotiated legislative outcomes. Not anymore. The GOP is an anti-American organization that used race-based gerrymandering and voter suppression to win the White House. Trump is a usurper, and his supporters useful idiots.”
If there is one thing the Liberals should’ve learned from this past election it’s that you can’t call people names (basket of deplorable) and you can’t shame people into voting for you. I will not be shamed publicly or privately based on my vote. My vote does not define my character. I have built my character as an honest citizen, loving father and faithful friend. I earned my right to vote and supported the candidate who I believe will most benefit America. For the record, I’m progressive on social issues, but not on what really matters such as our economy and defense. And if that doesn’t meet with your approval, that’s too bad, but at least I’m tolerant of those who voted for Hillary, the ultimate con artist.

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