Here Are the Best Beers in America

Zymurgy Magazine has released its latest list of America’s top 10 beers, and a new one sits upon the throne.

That beer is Bell’s Two Hearted Ale IPA. Bell’s is a Michigan-based brewer that’s also known for its Oberon brew. Bell’s Hopslam, a 10 percent ABV double IPA with a seasonal release, also made the list.

The list featured other well-known names such as Russian River Plimy the Elder, 3 Floyds Zombie Dust, and Founders’ Breakfast Stout.

This is the 15th annual ranking from Zymurgy, which is published by the American Homebrewers Association. Members are asked to choose up to 20 of the best commercially-available beers via online survey.

I haven’t had all of the beers on the list, but I have had Two Hearted, and I can confirm it’s worthy of praise. It’s easy to drink but packs a punch, so one shouldn’t drink too many too fast, not that I know from experience or anything.

Anyway, check out the list over here, find one or more of the nominees that suit your style, and make a run to your nearest beer and liquor store for some summer drinking. Cheers!

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