Top 10 Food Trends Revealed

Food trends are ever-changing, but for this year, the news out of the Institute of Food Technologist’s annual convention and meeting in Las Vegas is that meatless and non-diary items are becoming even more mainstream.

Consider clean labeling – the trend for more transparency in labeling is number 10 on the list. Phrases like “environmentally friendly” and “animal welfare” are appearing more and more.

Other trends include a reduction in sugar (even in sweet treats), a rise in ethnic flavors such as Thai and Indian, an increase in artisanal products, a move towards personalized nutrition, an increase in products that are meant to address specific needs (such as midday snacking), healthy options marketed to kids, popcorn and coffee flavors spreading across snack categories, and continued interest in chia and quinoa.

Americans are eating less meat, according to one analyst.

“We’ve seen this global flexitarian effect, where people are giving meat a break more and more often,” Kara Nielsen, manager of sales and engagement at Innova Market Insights, said during a presentation at the show. “Thirty-eight per cent of Americans are going meatless at least once a week.”

It’s not clear why so many Americans are going meatless once a week – some are doing it for health reasons, sure, but there may be days when someone simply doesn’t eat meat without giving it much thought – but it does suggest that meatless alternatives may be making their way onto more and more tables.

If you’re a food marketer, grocer, or just plain foodie, you can click here to get an in-depth look at these trends, thanks to Innova and Food Business News.

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