2007 Audi RS4

Ronen Doron
I have always been partial to Audis, especially the current lineup which in my opinion are some of the most inspiring designs on the market. The RS4 may be the most perfect sedan of its size with 420hp, Auid's legendary Quattro all-wheel drive system, and the feeling of driving a Porsche with 4 doors. Last week at Willow Springs Race Track in Rosamead, CA, manufacturers and journalists converged for the Motor Press Guild's annual Track Day event. There were more expensive cars and more powerful cars, but none of them performed on the track like the RS4.
What makes the RS4 so great is that it can turn an average driver into a good driver and good driver into a great driver. It is intuitive and forgiving at the same time. The aggressive 235/35 high performance tires work well with Audi's suspension to produce a responsive, world-class ride.
The RS4 sells for around $66,000 with few options to choose from. It is relatively understated and only true enthusiasts will know what the RS4 designation means to performance. If you are venturing into the high-performance sports sedan world, then you need to look at the RS4. Zero to sixty is achieved in less than 5 seconds and top speed is governed at 155MPH. But that doesn not begin to tell the RS4 story. On the track, we had the opportunity to drive many powerful cars, but that power is ineffective if it is not coupled with comparable suspension and steering. Most consumers will never drive the RS4 the way we drove it last week. 130MPH on the straightaway, right into a sharp left hairpin turn, then up a long turn at 80MPH. Few commutes or Sunday drives offer the challenges that Willow Springs offers, so this may not be the car for you. Unlike the 500HP Ford Shelby GT500 we drove, the RS4 is not just for getting to the next light fast. This car is made to get to the next town fast by hugging the road and accelerating through turns.
Manufacturer Audi - made in Germany
Base Price $66,000
Horsepower 420
0 - 60 4.8 seconds
Fuel Economy 20MPG City/27MPG Highway
Major Competitors BMW M3, Jaguar X-Type-R