2009 LA Auto Show

Ron Doron

The official start of the auto show season is here and it all takes off with the Los Angeles Auto Show.  Stay tuned for many important product announcements as well as information about the manufacturers themselves.

As we continue to struggle with $3 plus gas prices, most of the focus will be on those Green Cars, proving that Americans see the car as an appliance and not as a passionate mode of transport, marking the beginning of the end of the automotive enthusiast.

So who is paving the way to be the leader in electric and hybrid electric vehicles?  These auto shows will be the first clue as the manufacturers reveal their new cars and concepts.  GM is banking on the much anticipated Volt which will finally arrive in 2010.  Nissan will have an all-electric plug-in available next year, The Leaf. These are the first two models that will be available in dealerships.  Ford is expected to make an announcement regarding its BEV or Battery Electric Vehicle.