Infiniti announces IPL line

Ron Doron

IPL or Infiniti Performance Line is an all-new collection of vehicles from Nissan's luxury brand, that aims to focus on exclusivity, performance, and design.

According to Infiniti...."The Infiniti Performance Line, or IPL, offers a new level of premium performance for Infiniti vehicles, focusing not just on engine power and acceleration, but also on redefining total vehicle performance.  IPL promises unique driving attributes with exclusive designs, different from other Infiniti models in each selected Infiniti line.  The first production vehicle in what is expected to be a range of IPL performance vehicles in the future is the 348-horsepower 2011 Infiniti Performance Line G Coupe."

The first two vehicles in Infiniti's line that receive the IPL treatment are the G-Coupe and G-Convertible.  The most noticeable enhancement is the increase in power from 332hp to 348hp, about a 5% bump.  Other enhancements include a sport-tuned exhaust, IPL-tuned suspension, and sport brakes.  There are also some styling enhancements including IPL-exclusive 19-inch alloy wheels, emotive front fascia with integrated fog lights, side sills, aggressive rear fascia, rear spoiler, and IPL badging.  The IPL Coupe will only be available in two colors - graphite shadow and malbec black.